BREAKING: Attorney-General's Office Bombed by a Lawyer in Abuja

An Abuja based Legal Practitioner, Barr. Johnmary Chukwukasi Jideobi, has taken the war against impunity ravaging the land to the very doorstep of the Attorney-General of the Federation, MR. ABUBAKAR MALAMI, SAN. 

In an open letter titled"OUR DEAR ATTORNEY-GENERAL, IMPUNITY IS INCREASINGLY DEFINING YOUR TENURE", the Constitutional Lawyer informed the Attorney-General that "The soul of this letter is donated by the large-scale impunity, confounding executive recklessness, flagrant abuse of power, inexplicable disobedience to sacred orders of our courts by persons and authorities currently exercising the plenitude and amplitude of powers of the Federal Government of Nigeria under the subsisting Amended 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which is supposedly binding on all authorities and persons throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria"

The Lawyer reminded the AFG that "it is hardly disputable that the future of democracy in every civilised society lies on the shoulders of lawyers." The Lawyer gave three reasons for writing the open letter among which is that "The enormous powers bestowed on you by our Constitution have been acknowledged as a great ministerial prerogative coupled with grave responsibilities. It follows therefore that however you decide to exercise these awesome powers donated to your office today will definitely form a precedent for the future. Whether your manner of discharging the duties of your office today might be adjudged a bad or good precedent belongs to posterity and should therefore be of great concern to you"

The Lawyer took time to go down memory lane by carefully itemising the catalogue of disobedience to Court Orders by different agencies of the Federal Government. While condemning the AFG for his inaction, the Lawyer hit the AGF squarely when he wrote thus;

"Sir, the case against you in all these well-carefully itemised instances of disobedience to Court Orders and Human Rights abuses by different State Actors, is that there is no iota of evidence on record that you have lifted a finger to intervene by advising the concerned agencies to uphold the dignity of our Constitution which is the foundation of our society [especially for them to comply with these Court Orders]. No such recorded evidence exists anywhere and I challenge you to prove me wrong by producing one to Nigerians. What this comes to is that you are very comfortable to sit in your hallowed chambers and watch our Constitution thrown to the dogs and the dignity of our Courts basterdised. It equally means that you are very comfortable with the kind of decadent precedent that all these acts of outlawry and brigandage would [in their aggregate] foist on our future democracy. These summations are indeed unanswerable since finding otherwise would certainly amount to eyewash. "
He finally urged the AGF to "cast aside the seductive veils of political considerations and sentiments and approach the content of this letter with the spirit of a patriot who should always stand ready to “defend his country against his government"

The implication of the whole anomaly impugned was summed up by the Lawyer in these telling words;
"What patently emerges from the concatenation of the instances of executive impunity and lawlessness most dispassionately surveyed above comes to the ineluctable conclusion that the present Federal Government of Nigeria, which you are saddled with the onerous duty to offer sound legal advice, has most unfortunately fallen into the  cesspit of tyranny, lawlessness and impunity. Most of its security agencies (especially) have pathetically constituted themselves into the sinkhole of constitutionalism, Rule of Law and sacred human rights of great Nigerian Citizens.”

As for whatever evil consequences that might befall him for courageously speaking out, here is the Lawyer's conviction;

"As for whatever backlash that might befall me for my courage to address you on these important issues of our realm, I take refuge in the protection of God Almighty who inspired the legendary Thomas Paine to declare that “if there must be trouble, let it be in my own day so that my child may have peace.” 

The Letter was received in the office of the AGF on 19th May, 2017 and copied to the Chief Justice of Nigeria, the Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

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