World Organization for Early Child Education, OMEP Crisis deepens in Nigerian chapter reports that the out-going president of the Nigerian chapter of World Organization for Early Child Education, OMEP, an international women and non-governmental organization  based in Seoul, South Korea, Dr. Lady Pat Okeke has again appealed to the world president of OMEP, Eunhye Park to intervene urgently and rescue the Nigerian chapter from the on-going leadership crisis within the Nigerian chapter.

She specifically mentioned Lagos branch of OMEP as the cause of the problem which she alleged was spearheaded by Mrs. Abimbola Are, the Vice President of OMEP in Africa.

In a handover note she read out while transferring power to Professor Selina Ekpo, a renowned Professor of Early Child Education at the University of Calabar, UNICAL as her successor in office, Lady Okeke lamented that OMEP Nigerian chapter had eagerly awaited a response from Mrs.Park as regards their earlier report on the problem in OMEP Nigeria which started since after the successful election of Ekpo, as the new president of Nigeria OMEP, but to no avail.

According to Okeke, "it is pertinent to state here that OMEP should live above board as an Early Childhood Education NGO whose sole aim it is to make the world of the child better, adding, "as OMEP members, we should have the mind of the child, this is be child-like devoid of rancour, ethnicity and partisan politics. Mrs. Abimbola Are and her group had been acting contrary to these basic principles of OMEP".

"OMEP world is a parent body that should not take sides if a problem ensues in the local organization. It ought to hear out both sides to the contending parties and provide amicable resolution based on where the truth lies. I shall have high respect for you and hope you will still discover the truth about OMEP Nigeria and set things aright", she further stated.

"The truth is that Mrs. Are is adept at abusing her position as Vice President, African Region. She is so tribalistic and biased in favour of her Yoruba ethnic group in her  dealings with OMEP Nigeria, so much so that she disrupted the national conference/election that was scheduled in Lagos when she saw that Prof. Selina Ekpo, from the minority tribe of Calabar, Niger Delta would emerge victorious as the new president of Nigeria OMEP and she then handipicked/appointed the entire executive of the OMEP Nigeria with Lady Tokunbo Doherty, from her Yoruba tribe as president and forwarded their names tp OMEP world without any election or recourse to us".

"Being contrary to our OMEP Nigeria constitution, we cannot accept such imposition and impunity and in the meantime, the national executive committee of OMEP Nigeria concluded a successful convention/election in Port Harcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria recently where Ekpo emerged as the new president and was inaugurated with other national executive committee members".

"In the hand over note which was also copied to Dr. Maggie Kong, immediate past president of World OMEP; Mrs. Are and Ekpo, Okeke further declared: "At this juncture, I wish to state that united OMEP Nigeria is a force to reckon within OMEP world. Therefore it would be a sad day if one person is allowed to hijack it as a personal property, contrary to OMEP Nigeria Constitution as Are is doing".

"We earnestly appeal to you to use your good offices as president of OMEP world to accord deserving recognition to Ekpo-led OMEP Nigeria national executive or in the alternative, do take the responsibility and at least set up an independent fact-finding delegation or body (outside Are and her group) to investigate the failure of Lagos convention of 2016 and how Ekpo eventually emerged as the new president of OMEP Nigeria".

"We have no doubt you will act impartially in this case to protect the enviable image of OMEP that the whole world is very proud of", Okeke concluded.

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