Stop blackmailing the Senate , Anambra Chief, Chief Joe Ifediobi, Okosisi Akpo takes Prof Itse Sagay to the cleaners over comments reports that a founding member of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Anambra State and a Biafran war veteran, Chief Joe Ifediobi, Okosis Akpo has taken a professor of law Professor Itse Sagay, to the cleaners over his comment against the senate.
Sagay was summoned by the Senate as the Chairman, Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption but he mocked the senate saying Senate has no rights to summon him, describing the order summoning him as bluff. He added the senate is occupied by clowns and most unserious set of Nigerians. APC knocked him for the comments among others.
But, Chief Ifediobi, a prominent Anambra son and elder citizen after critically analysing the situation wondered why Itse Sagay once rusticated for sharp practices from the University of Benin by Prof Grace Alele-Williams when she was the Vice Chancellor should be denigrating the Senate.
Okosis Akpo said he was disappointed by the utterances of Sagay seen as a distinguished legal scholar, Professor of Law and human rights activist and a constitutional law expert even with Senior Advocate of Nigeria to cap it.

He warned that people should stop blackmailing and embarrassing the senate to act against its stipulated standing rules and regulations.
He said the ultimatum given to the hallowed chambers of the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by even people with no clean records in their profile sounds hollow and baseless.
‘’Look at a man without honour, sent away from the University by Prof Elele Williams for untoward character befitting of an academic is today claiming to be championing change.
Okosis Akpo pointed out that the Attorney General of the Federation and Comptroller of Customs have no right to question the Senate on whatever rules it wants to apply to their matter as senate operates on rules and has its own rules. He queried why the Comptroller of Customs should not wear the rank he enjoys the emoluments when there were precedents , urging the president to sack some of the people putting him in altercation with the senate.

He added that nobody can blame the senate for whatever action it takes once it is constitutional for the Senate to take such decisions according to their rules, informing further ,’’whatever the senate has said was in order because there was a primafacia.

‘’…look at Itsay Sagay asking the President to ignore the Senate that they are childish just because in Nigeria records are not digged , he has forgotten how he was sent away from the University. let all those accusing the senate wrongly stop…’’
Chief Ifediobi informed that the statements and actions of former Senate Majority Leader, Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume was childish, boyish because he knew he was going contrary to senate order and rules he was part of by his comments against the senate leadership.

Ndume said if Senate could not confirm Magu based on allegations levelled against him by DSS report that Senate President Bukola Saraki should not be senate president for his case in court. He was asked to apologize but he maintained his stance. He was suspended by the senate.

Anambra Chief added that wailers on the suspension of Ndume should know that Anambra Central had no senator in the past one year. He said Ndume was accused of hobnobbing with Boko Haram yet still in senate even when the case is still on.
On the Acting EFCC Boss, Magu, Okosis Akpo insisted that there was no such provision in the EFCC Act and wondered why the Senate should be ambushed and blackmailed even when it was acting on its order.
He said senate depended on a letter from a federal government established agency DSS to act and wondered why the Presidency should not put its house in order but was busy shifting blame to the senate when the blames were at the presidency’s door post.
‘’DSS is the clearing House for political appointments and it sent a document to the senate on Magu. The Senate acted on the document it has received and people are shouting uncomplimentary remarks against the senate. The Senate’s position on Magu is correct. There is no ambiguity on that. The presidency should put their house in order because the letter in Senate came from the Presidency. The senate can’t clear Magu because of that DSS report which said Magu lacks integrity and remember the position of Acting chairman is not in the EFCC. Remember , Waziri found Magu culpable of releasing a convicted ex-governor and sent him away from EFCC only for him to return when Waziri Farida was removed. Why was Magu sent back to the police from EFCC then?
Stop blackmailing the Senate , Anambra Chief, Chief Joe Ifediobi, Okosisi Akpo takes Prof Itse Sagay to the cleaners over comments Stop blackmailing the Senate , Anambra Chief, Chief Joe Ifediobi, Okosisi Akpo takes Prof Itse Sagay to the cleaners over comments Reviewed by Unknown on Tuesday, April 18, 2017 Rating: 5

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