Ohakim writes Okorocha, condemns his "edifice mentality" governance

www.odogwublog.com reports that the former Governor of Imo State, Chief Ikedi Ohakim has again broke his silence in a letter he wrote his successor, Governor Rochas Okorocha over his style of governance,  saying his understanding does not go beyond 'Edifice Mentality', saying six years after, Imo people still do not know his policy thrust and live in fear.
Ohakim raised the alarm in a letter he wrote Okorocha dated March 29, 2017 titled "still on the trend of events in our state".
But reacting on the issue, Sam Onwuemodo, Chief Press Secretary (CPS) to Governor Okorocha, said he was yet to confirm if such a letter was in the possession of his principal, saying he cannot react on what he has not seen.
The erstwhile Governor expressed concerns that most construction works done by the Okorocha administration were death traps as warned by the Council of Registered Engineers of Nigeria (COREN) over the safety standards of the two flyovers and other projects,  just as he called for the immediate removal of the roundabout at IMSU junction because it was wrongly sited and has become a death trap.
The IMSU junction which leads to the Owerri campus of the Imo State University has claimed many lives as many heavy-laden trucks lose control while manoeuvering the roundabout, always filled with pedestrians, mostly students of the citadel of learning.
Ohakim warned Okorocha to stop ridiculing the judiciary with  banishing and disobedience of court orders, just as he regretted that judges and other judicial workers are being owed salaries and allowances of four months arrears,  adding that there are over 250 court cases against Okorocha and his administration by Imo people.
Further the former Governor expressed concerns that Okorocha is the only Governor in the history of Nigeria that has attracted 32 national newspaper editorials in six years,  16 in his first 16 months in very bad light; saying his comical behaviour behaviour and executive brigandage has made Imo State,  the hutt of cruel jokes.
Ohakim said he was amused at the efforts of Okorocha to respond to his previous letter with expensive newspaper advertorial in several newspapers wherein Okorocha tabulated their projects side by side, saying "it merely showed a lack of capacity and sincerity to address the issues I raised. But several months later, are you not being haunted by those issues? Like I emphasized in my letter, your penchant for disobeying court rulings and orders has turned the state into a lawless enclave. Your officials have become the proverbial young goat which watches the mother while it chews cord".
Ohakim said governance was not about buildings but more of intangibles saying "good governance is more than 70 per cent about intangibles: things you cannot physically see or touch. They include things like obeying rule of law, something you are very much averse to as is evident in your fragrant disobedience to court rulings. Intangibles include not going in the night to destroy the shops of self employed youths at the Orji mechanics village, without providing them an alternative venue. It means not awarding contracts to companies whose engineers are not known to the governing body that regulates the practice of engineering in the country, amongst others".
He accused the Imo State Governor of amassing Imo assets to his personal estate and dishing out projects from his pocket, noting that it was regrettable that Okorocha has failed to conduct local government elections for six consecutive times.
On the feud between Okorocha and Eze Cletus Ilomuanya, Ohakim said the utterances and actions of the Governor amounts to the desecration of the Igbo stool, saying he should obey the court judgments on the issue, and stop playing politics on the matter.
He regretted tha Okorocha still harbours so much animosity against him over the 2011 governorship election wherein Okorocha was declared winner though he did not win, saying "you have the option of continuing to wallow in youthful exuberance over an election that took place six years ago; or decide to be more mature and do things that would bring peace and love to our state".

Ohakim writes Okorocha, condemns his "edifice mentality" governance Ohakim writes Okorocha, condemns his "edifice mentality" governance Reviewed by Unknown on Tuesday, April 04, 2017 Rating: 5

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