Herds men attack----Nimbo community panics, as Fulani leaders accuse Igbo Youths of complicity

www.odogwublog.com reports the community leader in Ukpabi -Nimbo community, in Uzo Uwani local government area of Enugu, Engineer Ozoemene, has called for more security presence in the area  over allayed fears of a fresh Fulani herdsmen attack.

But some representatives of the Fulani herdsmen known as 'Myetti Allah, have alleged that some Igbo  young men disguise in the form of herdsmen to commit  atrocities against their fellow Igbo men.

It could be recalled that barely a year ago, the serene but agrarian community of Nimbo lost several lives and properties worth millions of naira were destroyed aftermath of alleged Fulani herdsmen attack.

Speaking yesterday at a one-day town hall meeting organized by the  'National Initiative for Sustainable Peace-building Architect' [NISPA], action in Nigeria, sponsored by European Union, CEDERO-ECOWAS and Leadership Initiative for Transformation and Empowerment, LITE, Engr Ozoemene appealed to the Federal Government to set up security posts to protect them from unwarranted attacks because their  border with Kogi state is very porous ,which made it easy for the Fulani herdsmen to have came all the way from Kogi state to attack them. .

His words, "Nimbo needs a very strong security presence.  The Fulani herdsmen that attacked our people came from Kogi State, the neighbouring State. Nimbo is in trouble,"

He stressed the imperatives of more federal government security presence in Ukpabi Nimbo community stems on the fact the local vigilante known as  'Neighbourhood Watch' have derailed in their duties of  fostering peace and security in the community. He said some members of the Vigilante Watch in the area currently aids rising crime rate and kidnap cases in the area.

But a leader of the Fulani herdsmen known as Myetti Allah,who attended the peace initiative, asserted  that many of the kidnap cases and rising crime wave that occurs in  most  of the communities of Enugu state are masterminded by igbo men who disguise as Fulanis during the operation. He claimed that many of the purported kidnapper arrested, were proved to be Igbo men.

Another of their leader who gave his name as  Abubakar Isah disclosed that most of the violence and crimes are being committed by  a certain violent Northerners known as the 'Bororos' who are also feared by  the Fulanis because of their violent nature.

His words, "If you arrest any of them, they will mobilize and attack you.  They work both day and night, sometimes by shifts," Isah laments.

Speaking further, Isah said some Igbo youth have formed  the habit of  stealing  and killing l their cows at random.

Earlier in his speech, Secretary to the Security and Peace Committee set up  by the  state government, Sir Emma  Mbamalu,  said  the objective behind the workshop is    to seek ways of ensuring that there is peaceful co -existence among all tribes of people living in the state.

Herds men attack----Nimbo community panics, as Fulani leaders accuse Igbo Youths of complicity Herds men attack----Nimbo community panics, as Fulani leaders accuse  Igbo Youths of complicity Reviewed by Unknown on Tuesday, April 04, 2017 Rating: 5

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