Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi's amazing strides in Enugu State By Boniface Ezenwoye

Ordinary Nigerians from Enugu State and beyond are elated and are pouring enormous encomiums on the youthful Governor of Enugu state for the People oriented development projects in the state.

At a time of acute economic recession being presently experienced in Nigeria, keen watchers of Nigeria’s political sphere are wondering where Governor ifeanyi ugwuanyi must be getting the money he is presently deploying in carrying out several projects spread across the state

In addition to the several project being undertaken by the Government, the Governor has also been up to date in the payment of worker’s salaries and or pensions. This was why The Authority Newspaper issued him Award as the best governor in economic and infrastructural development of the year 2016 award did not surprise anybody. The award is well justified and deserved.

Notably before the award, the laudable projects and other wonderful ventures of the Ugwuanyi administration had attracted good comments from several notable Nigerians who had cause to visit the state recently.

​The first was from former president Olusegun obasanjo followed by W.F. Kumuji the general  overseer of Deeper life bible ministry and the Sultan of Sokoto who on separate occasions during their visit to the state positively affirmed that Enugu state is indeed working.

​At a time when we should be celebrating the administration for not being counted among the bankrupt states in Nigeria and for her devising a scheme that had swelled up its IGR more than other states in the south East, some pundits and ill-advised critics are busy trying to tear the Governor’s achievements with a dirty brush of destructive criticisms.

One set of critics had criticized the Governors handling of the Fulani Herdsmen activities in the state and have suggested the Governor follow the Ekiti state governor Ayo Fayose's example by enacting anti-terrorism laws in the state or using the vigilante in the state to “crush” the herdsmen and inflict the jungle law of an eye for on eye on them.

​The Governor has so far disappointed the above school of critics by sticking to the law and due process in his handling of the Fulani Herdsmen’s invasion of parts of Enugu State.

​Those asking the Governor to enact an anti-terrorism law in order to curtail the Herdsmen’s activities, pray, what would be the maximum punishment for those who break such law? If the punishment would be death, is it not the same punishment for anybody who commits murder as provided for by our criminal code in the state? 

Do we not have laws in our criminal code for murder and unlawful possessions? We are yet to hear that those Herdsmen who perpetrated atrocities in other states have been arrested and or charged to court.

​But the good news is that the Herdsmen who perpetrate all those crimes in Enugu State have always been arrested and even a Fulani man who was seen with an AK 47 gun recently was arrested and charged to court for the offence.

​Why then should anybody be advising the Governor to rewrite our criminal code laws and trivialize same by enacting laws which are already in our criminal code?

​The second school of critics are those who have now come up with an allegation of nepotism. This new school is led by one apprentice journalist in the nation newspaper. However, Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is the last person any person can charge with nepotism. It is either the critics do not know the meaning of nepotism or they just set out to tarnish the reputation of the Governor without just cause.

​It is not enough to rush to a book store to buy a bic or pen of N30 to craft nonsense without adding even one iota of evidence all in the name of alleging nepotism against the Governor.

​If these critics were intelligent enough they would have dished out those specific acts of nepotisms which they accuse the Governor thereof.  The Agenda of these league of critics is to dertail the focus of the Governor of Enugu State and make him stray from his development objectives but these agenda must be rejected by all well meaning citizens of Enugu State.

​These shadowy critics have severally laid mines which they hoped to use to cause the downfall of the Governor but the Governor, being divinely guided, had always cleverly avoided the mines and traps.

​First was their goadings for the Governor to fight his predecessor in office, as they claimed that was the tradition in Enugu State. When their evil plans and machinations failed, they now want to use the Herdsmen crisis to derail the focus of the Governor.

The Governor’s popularity is steadily on the rise even as testified by the low and the mighty in the society and the shrill voices of a few critics cannot dim the rising profile of the Governor of Enugu State.

​Enugu State is working and even the gods are scrambling to shower their blessings on the state under the watchful eyes of the youthful Governor.
Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi's amazing strides in Enugu State By Boniface Ezenwoye Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi's amazing strides in Enugu State By Boniface Ezenwoye Reviewed by Unknown on Friday, April 07, 2017 Rating: 5

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