Media Tour: Obiano stand up to be recognized by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu

I had organized my own tour of Governor Willie Obiano’s projects but lacked the resources to execute it satisfactorily. My Chairman, Chief Sir Victor Umeh that would have gladly pressed a button and the tour is done have since 5 years parked me at my own peril.
Though, I have braved it all through but I understood the ‘Nguama lizard dance’ the hard way. Why can’t I overlook certain things and make everlasting friendship? That part called journalist would not allow it. Everybody is a friend when you remove journalist and enemy the next day if you add journalist. What a profession! No friend, no foe, if you get the ethics and continue to be professional.
After all Obiano was sworn in on 17th March and on 28th March, 2015, he gave me the biggest cake, money and a phone call to celebrate my 37 years birthday unsolicited, but after that, he neither likes to hear or see me, no blessing to my life as the world anticipated. What went wrong?  Simple, journalism!
But that is the joy and pains of the profession. Another 28th is coming and I was planning my own tour. Suddenly my phone beeped and amazingly Honourable Commissioner for Information & Communication strategy, Ogbuefi Tony Nnacheta asked them to invite me for a tour I have personally requested severally but to no avail.
I clapped for Ogbuefi Nnacheta at least, his term in office championed it and despite the misgivings, and its shortcomings, it was a well thought out tour. I was amazed because, Oga Tony and few who supposed to know better have failed to realize the reporter they used to know is now an Editor of a zone in a National daily ‘The Authority’ but recognizes less mortals.
As I stepped into the converging point, La Luna hotel, two top officials were surprised to see me and said so, but they forgot that a true professional and qualified journalist has no enemy or friend even his community and friends are not spared. Interestingly, I engaged the Commissioner for Works Law Chinwuba briefly and he was lively with me, though I had my reservations since he assumed office. We used to be close. 
Information Commissioner was already standing when I sauntered into the hall and imagine, the hall was filled with senior and young colleagues even some imported Editors and columnists. I was interested in hearing again about Obiano’s Oil and Gas basins development initiative, agriculture and the journey so far. The story ricochets.
Nnacheta said 3 presentations would be done before the 3rd Anniversary Media tour of 16th March, 2017. They were that by ANSIPPA - Anambra State Investment Promotion &Protection Agency; ACTDA - Awka Capital Territory Development Agency and that of Ministry of Road Construction, Road Furniture and Maintenance
I looked at my man Ideke Castro, dutiful aide to Nnacheta and smiled. I got a friendly wink unlike before. I saw a charming lady who smiled at me. I got up went to her and asked, are you the new Acting Director in Information Ministry, Obiageliaku Umeadi, she answered in the affirmative. And on raising up my head, my Mummy Dr Mrs Uju Nwogu , amiable wife of erudite Professor of Law at Unizik , Pro Ken majestically entered. She gleaned herself and looked pointedly in all directions but no direction, admiring the assemblage of media men. I smiled mischievously. Nnacheta was looking at me but not seeing me I was sure. He was a bit at home and not too official as always. He did not warn anybody despite the parrot assemblage. He honoured the NUJ chairman Sir Emma Ifesinachi who came in as if he was not originally in the know of the event. 
The message was short and simple, our Governor has performed and needed all our support before November 18th, 2017 to enlighten the masses that indeed he deserved to be returned. And to crown it all the Governor already said ‘’I have done my best in transforming Anambra State’’.
    And the ABS Radio and Television indeed are setting some grounds in propagating Obiano’s second term agenda even though some do it as if under duress. Citizens in the state too have continued to pour encomiums on Governor Willie Obiano for his landmark achievements these past three years. Who will say he has not, even in his own tour? Not me , not now. For whatever , your opinion remains yours and mine is that we shall stand and congratulate Obiano for surviving three years as a Governor in Anambra.
Ask Senator Chris Ngige, ask Senator Andy Uba and ask Mr Peter Obi even Dr Chinwoke Mbadinuju what it takes to govern the most difficult state in the Federation.
The tour by Obiano’s team was commendable and I thank Dr Nwogu for encouraging me to join when I was invited because the hatred by men who knew next to nothing how the election was executed was terrifying. I must say Obiano’s administration is and may still be the luckiest administration ever in the hands of the media. We are docile, just looking and lamenting. But for social media, Nnacheta and his team may not remember the resident media men like James and team parked us since three years now.   
If what the Managing Director Anambra State Investments Protection and Promotion Agency Chief Joe Billy Ekwunife explained of ANSIPPA was real, there is hope.
And the Managing Director Awka Capital Territory Development Authority, Mr Mike Okonkwo gave hope too even as the climax was the commissioner for road construction, furniture and maintenance, that’s works, Mr Lawrence Chinwuba. I looked at him somehow when he added that building on the four Cs of continuation, completion, commission and commencement of the state government in road construction, roads are being done in all the three senatorial districts.
Let me not talk about the farms and bridges and others today for there is always tomorrow.
My Governor please accept our congratulations, but don’t trust or swallow Prof Chukwuma Soludo’s words hook, line and sinker. He had spoken like this before and somebody nearly paid dearly. In fact he supposed to be the one in office now, had it not been so so eloquence, no valve. Congratulations my Governor!
Cornucopia is written by Odogwu Emeka Odogwu, a commentator on national issues. Odogwu is also an Editor, journalist based in South-East Nigeria. He can be reached on 08060750240 and e mail [email protected]
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