Igbo POP stars of the 70s set for Easter Mega show

Anambra State government led by Governor Obiano will be the first, in more than 4 decades, to properly honour Igbo POP stars of the 70s while according them the opportunity to play together in a recognition live show.

This was revealed by the State Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, Culture and Tourism, Bar. Mrs Stella Onuoha while speaking at the world press conference put together to unveil the pop stars and to signal the beginning of a mega concert scheduled for Easter Sunday in Awka, Anambra State.

According to Barr Stella said, “We are here today for a world press conference which signifies the publicity we want to give to these heroes," spread across Imo, Abia, Delta States and beyond.

The Easter Musical Concert tagged  “Pop Stars of the 70s”, featuring for the first time in almost half a century the top pop groups of the 70s performing together in one show. This event will take place on Easter Sunday, April 16, 2017 at Alex Ekwueme Square, Awka, Anambra State from dusk to dawn as the legends take ndi Anambra back in time in a world of nolstagia.

“All these groups metamorphosed into popular individual musical groups immediately after the civil war and mesmerized Nigerians with their hit songs. The choice of Easter day for the show is deliberate. The groups virtually faded off from the public consciousness but their music still hold strong appeal across the nation”, the Commissioner recalled.

The primary purpose of this concert according to Barr Onuoha, is to invoke nostalgia and re-awaken the spirit of enterprise with this breed of music.

Barr Onuoha therefore, on behalf of the State government, welcomes visitors to that night of resurrection to experience the calm and secure capital city, Awka and Anambra State in general.

The 10 invited pop stars of the 70s in no particular order were; Sweet Breeze, One World, Wings, Apostle, Aktion, Foundars15, Semi-Colon, Wrinkar Experience, Soky Ohale, and Funkees.

Earlier in his opening remarks, The Principal Secretary to Gov Willie Obiano, Mr Willie Nwokoye, recalled that "It is still fresh in the public memory that the Government of Chief Willie Obiano organized 'Ozoemezina' in 2014, a symbolic State-wide rite of final passage for all people of Igbo extraction that had lost lives in crises and conflicts of war especially the Nigerian-Biafran War."

"POPSTARS of the 70s is a music show of the same thought but that which will showcase the living among the post-war pop musical geniuses."

No other persons, no other administration, past or present, civilian or military, remembered the golden tune of these pop stars. Today, Anambra State, being the light of the nation, once more resurrected these custodians of music.

Mr Nwokoye explained that the organizers aim at introducing the music of the legends into the consciousness of the people.

Also addressing the press, Bob-Manuel Odokwe, the Senior Special Assistance to Gov Willie Obiano on Creative Media, Nollywood and Entertainment, reiterated that the music of the pop stars were the foundation of the music industry in Nigeria because "if they didn’t take the bull by the horn after the war to start the revolution, there won’t be what we have today as music industry."

Mr Bob-Manuel said he believes that after the concert, other governors in Nigeria will take a cue from Anambra and honour the pop star heroes.

Delivering vote of thanks, one of the groups "One World" represented by their leader said, “This is the first time some of us are seeing ourselves in 40 years. This is the first time a concert like this will ever hold. And when we were called we came and that shows that we still have creativity in us.

In the same vein, ‘Wings’, another group, said they are very appreciative of the gesture from the state government who supported the mega show and wish other governors will be able to copy from Anambra State.

Amidst cheers and moments of great joy, the pop stars unanimously agreed that the governor deserves to return as governor 2018 due to his brand of leadership.

At this point, soft tunes from their 70s hits were played to lighten up the atmosphere and give the press and invited guests a tip of what to expect as the groups were called forward.

Picture Caption:
1. Gov Willie Obiano in a group photograph with the Igbo Pop Stars of the 70s at the Governor's Lodge, Amawbia.

2. Anambra State Commissioner for Tourism, Barr Onuorah (On Blue at the Centre) flanked by the Principal Secretary, Mr Willie Nwokoye (to her right)  and Bobmanuel Udokwu with some Pop Stars of the 70s after the Press Conference held at Havilla Suites, Awka yesterday.


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