Again, Militants Warn FG, remain Resolute

Not minding the ongoing peace talk between the Federal government and some leaders in the south-south region, the militant group, Niger Delta Green Justice Mandate[NDGJM] has made a strong vow to continue attacking oil facilities in the region.

The group commended its members who have summoned courage to join in the bombing of oil facilities, and urged them to intensify the economic sabotage against the federal government, which it described as faithless Nigerian administration.

NDGJM in a statement through its spokesman, Aldo Agbalaja stated that nothing will stop them from sustaining the struggle to get justice for the people of the region through the bombing of oil installations. Agbalaja said that the Nigerian government has exhausted all its gimmicks and deceptions, adding that agents of the government would soon resort to blind harassment and arrest of our innocent people.

Our messages to you is to also expect consequences for you actions. If you arrest or harass our people, you will be initiating a new and more deadly mode of this operation. Know it that this struggle will not be put down, even if you arrest and kill half of the people in the Niger Delta, remember the wise saying that you may kill the messenger, but the message is immortal" 

The group also reminded all oil companies operating in the region that the promise to bring down critical assets is still very potent, adding that by reluctantly staying put in business in the region, they are endangering their personnel and their facilities.

To the oil companies, our promises to you are still potent, the longer you foot-drag, the more you place  

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