Biafra: Security agents mobilizing Northerners for anti- Kanu protest - IPOB

The Indigenous  People of Biafra (IPOB), has raised the alarm over plots by " enemies of Biafra" to organise protest against its detained leader , Nnamdi Kanu to create the wrong impression that the people are disenchanted against his leadership.

IPOB in a statement issued Sunday  by its Media and Publicity Officer, Emma Powerful, alleged that those behind the plot were mobilising Northerners living in the states under the break- away Biafra Republic  to stage the anti- Kanu protest on or before September 26 when Kanu's trial is expected to come up in an Abuja High court.

The statement claimed that the latest strategy was adopted by the " enemies of Biafra independence having failed in their desperation to create imaginary  splinter groups in IPOB".

IPOB said the motive of the anti- Kanu protest was to further deceive gullible minds that the pro- Biafra group is factionalised, insisting that "there is no division whatsoever in IPOB"

"I want to let the whole world know again that there is no division in IPOB under Nnamdi Kanu; we are intact and no amount of propaganda and blackmail can distract us. "

The statement read in part: "  IPOB intelligent unit has uncovered plans by the Nigeria government  to mobilise some Hausa/Fulani  people living in Biafraland and some unscrupulous Igbo individuals who are bent on sabotaging  the restoration of Gods nation Biafra.

" The people were paid heavily to organize protest against the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu before or on the 26/9/2016 the day he is to appear in the court in Abuja.

" They are to organize  the protest in all Biafraland where Hausa people lives in order  to create wrong impressions that there is division in IPOB family worldwide.

"However, we are calling on the general public and the people of the world to disregards and shun the concocted protest or rallies  against our leader,  Nnamdi Kanu by the government of the day in Nigeria."

IPOB further said that any protest in any part of Biafra not organised by it or any identifiable pro- Biafra group " is fake and ill-conceived".

It advised the schemers of the plot to jettison it as " it is bound to fail just as  government  failed in its desperation  to cause division in IPOB".

IPOB also urged members of the public to disregard " the propaganda and falsehood being propagated by the non- existent TRIPOB and REIPOB that Comrade Emma Powerful is now their new Spokesman".

According to IPOB, Powerful remains its Media and Publicity Officer under the leadership of Kanu, dismissing the "self- acclaimed  Philip Effiong Osuji -led TRIBOB and REIPOB" as " a faceless imaginary creation of the security agencies".

IPOB said it would no longer respond to any further claims of the " imaginary splinter groups as doing so will amount to dignifying them and distraction from the Biafra project".

"I want to let the people of IPOB and Biafrans worldwide under the command of our leader Nnamdi Kanu to know that I, EMMA POWERFUL, have not seen any body called Philip Effiong Osuji or discussed with any group called TRIPOB both on the phone or in person or through a third party; and have no intention to meet with anyone other than IPOB family members loyal to the command structure our leader Prophet Nnamdi Kanu put in place."

"Again, IPOB cannot be responding to mad men who issue press statements because IPOB have a lot and better things to do. We  advise the press  to verify those faceless people before giving them undue publicity."

It also pointed accusing fingers  at the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta ( MEND).

"Therefore, I am calling our people all over the world to disregard the rumours being peddled by the Movement for the Enslavement of Niger Delta (MEND) , the Internet faceless group which wants to drag my reputation to the mud as they have done with theirs."

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