Why I can’t dump romantic roles –Dakore Egbuson-Akande

Dakore Egbuson-Akande

Highflying Nollywood actress, Dakore Egbuson-Akande, needs no introduction whenever make-belief business is in the discourse. The mother of one and Ambas­sador for Amnesty International as well as Amstel Malta, in this interview with Entertainer, discloses that love is a vital part of her life, stressing that her success story in acting is not due to any magic wand but the grace of God. She also speaks on other issues including her in­volvement in Mo Abudu’s highly rated feature film, Fifty, among others.
How would you describe your outing in Mo Abudu’s Fifty?

I will describe it as a roller coaster ride. I had a wonderful time; it was a very professional set. Everything was top-notch, the picture quality, and the production value. Everything was all I hoped to be and more.

What character did you play and would you describe it as challenging or free-flow role?
It’s challenging. I played ‘Tola’, a TV reality star, who is not happily married. She has a deep dark family secret that threatens her very core and she tries to come to terms with it. A lot of people can relate with it; we all have our battles, scars and areas when we cry at night. Just that we should not be quick to dismiss others, because, we are all going through something.

What would you say is the significance of the fact that Fifty made the 238 films selected from across the world to feature at this year’s London Film Festival?
It is an amazing honour especially for a film that has not been screened in its own native country. It is also a great feat for Nigeria because it shows that our films are competent and we can compete under any level. It is a validation for our executive producer, Mo Abudu, because it will make her see that she has done a good job that is accepted by all. It will encourage her to do more films. It will also make other potential investors see that the industry is viable. We are not looking for the validation of the West, but it is nice when we are recognised for excellence.

By your personal rating, what major award are you targeting with the film?
These things are not in my power; it depends on how the public relate to the characters, and of course, movie critics. My job is to do my job and the awards will come if they will come.

Fifty was selected to feature at BFI under Love category, and incidentally, you once declared that you had called it quit with roman­tic roles. What is your take on this; do you think you can live your words for too long?
We all change; never say never. Truthfully, the movie was chosen in the love category. Love is an impor­tant part of life. I’m an actor; I am supposed to act real-life emotions in films. Of course, if love comes up as part of the film, I have to do what I should do. I have to do it tastefully and equally move the story forward by all means. Yes!

It still puzzles many people that after your very long break off acting, you didn’t struggle to regain your rightful place in the industry. What do you consider as your magic wand in acting career?
There is no magic wand. I have the grace of God. It has not been a walk in the park. I have been filming since 2012 till I was a part of Fifty. I keep hoping for the best and I do my best whenever the op­portunity comes. I just have to do the work and God has been bringing the opportuni­ties my way.

Have you ever thought of quitting the industry because of marriage?
No, I never thought I would quit the industry because of marriage; I thought I would quit the industry if the mediocrity continues.

What does being a mum mean to you?
Being a mum is my biggest role in life. It is what gives me the most joy at this time. To be a good role model to them, and it is dear to my heart to leave the world a better place for them.

What is your view about the issue of official restriction on the number of children per couple?
My take is that people should be realistic about their expectations and be smart about their choices. People should not wait for the government or any organisation to enforce or press that on them. Overall, just be able to cater suf­ficiently for your family.
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