The Next War Will Consume Nigeria

I don't want to be economical with truth any longer, Nigeria will burn if Biafra is not given a chance at independence. Before you call me a prophet of doom, please kindly read the demands of Organization for Emerging African States (OEAS) an international organization based in Washington. Read it here OEAS ISSUES DEMANDS TO NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT ON BIAFRA .

I explained without a shred of lie the picture of how this looming civil war might be. The reality is no matter how much journalists write, the leaders meet and talk. This looming war is inevitable and only one thing will avert this looming war. Hate Nnamdi Kanu, spit on him, lock him up, murder him and even label him terrorist, all it's at your own detriment. He holds the key to call on or call off this looming war, kill him and you will spark the most aggressive reaction ever to be experienced in history of this world.

All that is needed is dialogue, his detention will only muster or cluster the vile that will consume us all, hence Biafrans are prepared to die, start writing your will for the sake of your children abroad because every living thing in Nigeria will be affected. Nigeria has killed, they will keep killing and once self-defense is activated, the resultant effect will be a full blown civil war. I am very angry with some distinctly biased journalists that write trash day in day out, we journalists have to come out with one voice and save this deteriorating situation before it goes beyond grasp. There is no case of Rwanda here, there is no case of terrorism here, and there is no case of impossibility or inevitability. The case of inevitability will breathe only if we fail to execute the needful. Nnamdi Kanu asked for an independent Biafra, he blatantly embraced truth by way of radiobiafra broadcasts, we have no evidence to say he preaches hate or slander, we can't argue him that Buhari is a pedophile, we can't argue him that Biafrans are hated, we can't argue him that Nigeria is a zoo,

If Nigeria is not zoo, why there is no law here? a competent court will issue order and a person will trample on it, no it happens only in the zoo where law does not exist, law is the difference between man and animal. Nnamdi Kanu might have drawn attention through solicitation for arms in America, the question remains; did you see him with any fire arm? Did he kill? Has anyone killed for him? Did IWC agreed or gave him any? Nnamdi Kanu has simply played every single one of us, another evidence that he is mentally sophisticated, like it or not Nnamdi Kanu is one man that held Nigeria to ransom and he brought the attention of the world to himself. It's time to sit down before this looming war consumes us all, what and what should be done? Referendum is the life line we have, referendum is the option, referendum is the key or we get locked up in a blood pool. Referendum is not the end of Nigeria neither is it the start of Biafra, leave the headache of Biafrans for Biafrans, don't worry about their potential ability to manage their nation, don't worry about the future because today will mould the future. Referendum is what we must call for with one voice and saves ourselves this looming war. In 1967, genocide was perpetrated on our  people, there was conspiracy of silence by the world and the world has moved on, realized her mistakes and believe you me, any attempt of repetition of history, it would come out with a different result. This time, Biafrans will payback for the genocide of 1967 if attempt is made to declare second phase of the genocide. To before warn is to before arm, let referendum save our lives now it can, Biafrans have external sympathizers within the G8 as evident through the call for Nnamdi Kanu's release and locally have what it takes to match another extermination attempt.
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