Signs you are wasting your time being with him

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He may have the best smile or face that made your heart skip but the signs will read that he's not right for you.

You may love someone who doesn't share the same deep rooted feelings as you, instead of waiting around for something that might never come, it's better to count your losses and move on.

1. He's yet to ask you out on a real date: As much as you don't want to rush things, if after numerous talks and chats you haven't been asked out yet on a date, then maybe he isn't just that into you.

2. He still hangs out with his ex: It's okay to be friends with your ex, but when he keeps hanging out with her and it's obvious even on social media, then that's a wake up call for you.

3. You feel like you should be someone else with him: You find it really hard to open up to him.

4. Your relationship is more physical than emotional: It's more like a one-way street than a 50-50 thing.

5. His words are louder than his actions: You often get lots of 'miss you', constantly feel upset when your messages to him are not replied.

6. You feel you aren't wanted by him: As much as you want to believe he cares about you, your gut tells you he's just keeping you around.

7. You are not a priority on his list: You know what they say about priorities and options. As much as no relationship is perfect, you'll know when a guy you like puts in a lot of effort to keep you around.

8. You don't trust him: You suspect every move he makes and constantly get jealous or angry when you realise what you are doing. Your man should make you feel love and respect towards him.

9. You constantly bring up activities to do with him: You constantly find reasons to ask him out on a date. You shouldn't always be the one initiating things.
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