I think the greatest mistake Gov. Obiano would make in his political
career is capitulate to these sponsored blackmailers who parades
themselves as freelance journalists, fake civil right groups like the
Onitsha based "cash and carry"INTER SOCIETY GROUP which dabbles into
any matter in Nigeria in order to continue to survive .

Sometimes i ask myself whether we are dealing with normal human beings
here or some alien species from another planet?

Mr Jude Atupulazi or whatever you call yourself, have you forgotten so
soon that there was an election in April this year in Anambra state
where Gov. Obiano and his APGA party popularity was tested and the
result was an overwhelming endorsement by the wise and politically
educated Ndi-Anambra, apart from the national election which your
paymaster shamefully and brazenly rigged, the result of the house of
assembly elections which is more important to Gov. Obiano and the good
people Anambra state was a strong, loud and clear message to these
political criminals of yesteryears and their supporters that
Ndi-Anambra has resolved never to go back to Egypt again.

Just listen to your confused self here, Gov Obiano's advisers and
image makers are his real enemies while Chief Peter Obi (your sponsor)
who surreptitiously laid hundreds of political landmines for him,
village boy Valentine Obienyem, lunatic Odera, Tony Okafor and others
in their evil camp who insults him, his family and government everyday
are his real friends who genuinely want his government to succeed.

After selling a packaged lie of 75 billion naira to the gullible Ndi-
Anambra and Nigerians for almost 2 years before you were busted
recently, the least one would expect from you people is to shamefully
disappear from Anambra political space and go bury your faces in

Jude Atapuluazi , just listen to your rant here again, Gov. Obiano
should never borrow at a hard time when the receivable revenue from
the federation account for Anambra state has fallen by more than 60%
from what it used to be two years ago, he must also never collect
taxes so as to raise state IGR in order to augment the shortfall but
still in your demented, warped and dubious mind transform Anambra
state into Dubai of Nigeria.

The pertinent question here is why bother to advise your political
enemy when you should be making political mileage out his so called
weaknesses and political follies in preparation for your utopic 2017

Ndi-Anambra have rejected forever the ugly and sad era in their
lives when their budget was brazenly shared before it was even
presented, the era of primitive godfatherism, and multi billion naira
kidnapping industry that once caged the state and its enterprising

The earlier you people get this simple and straightforward message,
the better for you people.

Joe Jideofor

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