Shocking as man beheads mother

                                                       Mentally deranged Matthew Skailitzky murdered his mother Jane
A 40-year-old man in Wisconsin, USA, Matthew Skalitzky, has been arrested and charged with first-degree homicide after he used a four-inch sword to behead his 68-year-old mother, Jane, because he thought she was not his real mother.

Skalitzky who has been confined in a mental home, will face his trial after assessment of his mental health.

Reports have it that Skalitzky attacked his mother at his Sun Prairie home on September 11, where he murdered her.

Skalitzky had spent the night at his parent's apartment on September 10 before his mother drove him the next morning to his apartment, where he used the sword to decapitate her.

He faces life in prison if convicted and is being held at the Winnebago Mental Health Institute on a $1 million bond.

Skalitzky had told investigators that he thought she was not his real mother and his father later told them that Skalitzky acted anxious and agitated earlier in the day, according to the complaint.
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