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Orijin your premium contemporary alcoholic blend with the flavours of African herbs and fruits is celebrating Nigeria at 55 by showcasing some of the greatest monuments that identifies Nigeria as a great country.

So get ready for this exciting series of wonderful Nigerian monuments.

Today we talk about Igbo-Ukwu bronze artifact.

They are the oldest bronze artifacts known in West Africa and were manufactured centuries before the emergence of other known bronze producing centers.

The Igbo-Ukwu bronzes amazed the world with a very high level of technical and artistic proficiency and sophistication which was at that time distinctly more advanced than bronze casting in Europe.

Its elegant design and refined detailing are matched by a level of technical accomplishment that is notably more advanced than European bronze casting of this period.

What are your thoughts about this icon?

1. Tell us about monuments both ancient and contemporary you are aware of.

2. Take a picture of it, give us some history about it.

3. Share on Twitter and hashtag #liveorijinal.

Orijin celebrates Nigeria’s culture both past and present.

In the spirit of independence Orijin urges all Nigerians to Live Orijinal.

Orijin is an alcoholic blend with the flavours of African herbs and fruits, combined to give a refreshing bitter-sweet taste. Orijin is a vibrant yet rooted brand – a celebration of modern African culture.

Remember, drink responsibly.

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