Nigeria holds lots of promises, says Amosun

Nigeria holds lots of promises, says Amosun
Ogun State Governor Ibikunle Amosun has said despite the failures of the past and challenges of the present, Nigeria still holds the promise of becoming the land of our dream “if we are all determined to make it happen”.
Amosun, in his Independence celebration message in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, congratulated Nigeria and Nigerians on the occasion of the country’s 55th birthday.
The governor said Nigerians have every reason to celebrate because the country is experiencing resounding changes on account of a focused leadership.
Amosun, in a statement by his Senior Special Assistant (Media), Adejuwon Soyinka, said: “We may not have got to the Promised Land and there are issues which still confront us as a people, but there is no denying that as a nation we are on the right path.
“It is therefore incumbent on all of us to build on our strength- huge population, natural and human resources and the resilient Nigerian spirit- to take our country to where it should be in the comity of nations. We must all continue to make sacrifices for the good of our country.
“The Nigerian project is still work in progress and all of us, irrespective of our social, religious and ethnic background, must contribute our quota to the development of the country.
“This is the time to completely shun divisive tendencies and emphasise those issues that unite us because without unity of purpose not much can be achieved,” the statement added.
The governor also seized the occasion to call on Nigerians and particularly Ogun State workers, to renew their determination and vigour for hard work and discipline in order to contribute to the economic development of the state.
As the state that pays workers the highest wages in the federation, Governor Amosun called on the civil servants to reciprocate government’s gesture by renewing their dedication to duty and resolving more than ever before to serve the people of Ogun.
“Looking beyond oil revenue, there is the need now, more than ever before, for developing alternative sources of income and in the area of agriculture and associated industries, Ogun has comparative advantage which we are already tapping into,” the governor said.
Amosun said his faith in the Nigerian nation remains unshaken while adding that every Nigerian has every cause to be grateful to God for preserving the country in the last 55 years.
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