Married woman commits suicide after boyfriend calls off affair

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In what can be seen as a very silly act, a married woman with four children in Lake Victoria, Uganda, identified as Isabelle Luzige, has committed suicide after her boyfriend told her he was no longer interested in continuing the affair as he wanted to get married, according to an online report in that country.

The report states that though Luzige was married, she had a string of affairs with other men and her husband had caught her several times and had sent her packing about three times but after much begging, he would take her back because of her young children who are aged between 12 and four.

But when she started dating the much younger man, she threw caution to the wind and was carrying on with him as if they were married till the man told her he wanted to settle down with another woman.

According to a neighbour, the devastated Luzige could not take the rejection from a man she was ready to leave her husband and get married to, so she decided to take her life.

"We heard screaming coming from their homestead early that morning and when we went to see what was amiss, only to realise that Isabelle had swallowed some poisonous substance.

But she did not die immediately and had to be rushed to the hospital where she died. But before she died, she asked her family to forgive her and told them whey she committed suicide.

It was a big shame that she should kill herself because of a man who was not married to her. We were all shocked even though we knew the kind of woman she was. She was very wayward, going after many men but to die because of a man who is not your husband is a shame," the neighbour told the publication.

This same scenario played itself out in Nigeria a few months ago when a married woman with three children, Joy Bakare, allegedly committed suicide in Ejigbo, a suburb of the state, after giving birth to a set of twins for her secret lover who later refused to marry her.

Also, in June, a 26-year-old Micro-Biology undergraduate of the Delta State University, Evelyn Mogekwu, took the ugly step of killing herself because her boyfriend of seven years, left her for another girl.
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