How they are setting Nigeria back– Second Republic Senator Okpozo

Second Republic Senator Francis Okpozo is a South-South leader and chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Delta  State. Ahead of  the Independence day anniversary, the elder statesman urged President Muhammadu Buhari to wade into the Senate leadership crisis, noting that the ability of the President to deliver on  his promises  may be hampered without a smooth relationship between the Presidency and the National Assembly.
He called for support for Buhari whom he said has the wherewithal to put Nigeria on the path of progress again.
Nigeria democracy is not yet stable. This is because both the executive and the legislature have not completed the responsibilities bestowed on them. For instance, in the Senate, because of the miscarriage caused by the over-zealous new school  politicians  there, is a clear evidence of instability. From day one, I said  it is the responsibility of the party in power to choose who should be the President of the Senate, deputy Senate President and other leaders of the chambre. They rushed and constituted the leadership of the Senate because of the craze for power. If not constitutional, it is conventional that the party in power should first of all choose its leadership in the National Assembly. The mistake has now set back the country in the process of law making, that the powers vested on the Senate and the House of Reps cannot be fully exercised, it has led to a conflict between the executive and the legislature.
For instance, look at the issue of Saraki’s assets declaration, is it of interest to the nation? The answer is no. Because the benefit derivable from the legislative arm is not felt by the people any more. The executive arm, though constituting its own body, is hindered in carrying out its responsibility because of the pursuit of corruption caused by the former administration. So the concentration is diverted. Until the various organs of the  APC, as stipulated by the law of  party, are constituted, there  could be no meaningful result. The constitution of the party provides  for various organs. The President should ensure that the bodies are  constituted. The President should also look into the differences  between the legislature and the executive and put things right. Once that is done, there will be a feeling of proper government activities across  the country.
The President said the independence day celebration will be low key. If it is a low key celebration, then it is not a proper celebration. It means things are not right. However, the area where the government is doing well is the pursuit of corruption.  So, any efforts  made by the President to wipe out corruption will be cherished by Nigerians. My advice is that President Buhari must not stop in the fight against corruption because the society is rotten. Nigerians stand by him in that regard.
Buhari did one thing when he assumed office as a military President, that was the changing of  the  currency. He should repeat that now because those who stole our money have  to return  it. He should not allow those people who looted to travel out of the country, they should be tried and jailed. He must ensure that all looted funds are returned. He has to change the currency so that the money they took abroad will be useless. If Nigerians cooperate with Buhari, things will change. Buhari must also listen to elder statesmen  because only him cannot do the work. If he does that, he will get things right within four years.
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