7 signs you may be an outgoing introvert

                             Friends talking at a party
They are good company due to their talkative and fun nature but they love having time alone because it enables them to think deeply. They are also very counter-intuitive set of people.

Find yourself agreeing with some of these qualities listed above, here are some signs that you may just be an outgoing introvert.

1. Though you aren't a fan of awkward silence, you don't see yourself relating personal issues people who aren't close to you.

2. Your mind is never blank, there's always something to think about, from not-so-serious issues to the next big idea.

3. You'll rather date someone who's reserved and quiet because they'll let you do the talking.

4. You don't like being stuck in a corner, you'll hang out with family and friends who make you laugh.

5. The "idea" of going for adventures appeals to you, until the day approaches and you grow cold feet because you love your time alone.

6. You are probably on a career path for complete extroverts. Musicians, actors, public speaking are some professions an outgoing introvert is likely to be in.

7. The idea of personal growth appeals a lot to you. You don't settle for less and seek to develop yourself positively in every area you find yourself.
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