18-yr-old girl beaten to death by friends

                           Summer Gregg after the assault
An 18-year-old girl almost died after being severely beaten and urinated on for hours in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England.

Summer Gregg believed that Jay Blades, 20, James Canning, 20, and 21-yr-old Amy Gaines were her friends before they locked her in the flat and tortured her for more than eight hours.

The attackers beat the teenage girl with a piece of wood and a metal chain, spat on her, forced to act like a dog, urinated on her and even discussed how they would kill her during a nightmarish ordeal that was filmed on their phone.

Recalling the horrendous events of that night, Miss Gregg, who was 17 at the time of the attack, said: “They were kicking me, punching me, slapping me and shouting things at me.

At one point Jay had one of those motorbike chains and he started hitting me with it. I kept thinking what have I done to make them change? What have I done to make them want to hurt me that bad?’

I was so terrified, I kept thinking they’re not going to let me live. James started weeing on me, all in my hair and Jay said it was his ‘birthday wish’. I begged them to stop it all but they just didn’t care.

My eye had got all swollen up from where they had been punching me, and they started squirting lemon juice in it.’I wasn’t allowed to sit on the sofa andthey  told me to get on all fours and act like the dog I am.

They were talking about killing me and then getting a van and abandoning it with my body in it in the middle of nowhere or maybe driving it into the river where no-one would ever find me.

I didn’t think I was going to make it out of the flat alive and thought jumping out of the window would either kill me or save me. At that point I began to think it was my only way out.”

The girl was saved only after the sadistic thugs called their fourth friend “to finish the girl off”, who called an ambulance instead.

The trio ordered her to tell the police she had been attacked in the street, but were overheard by a hospital worker.

They were eventually arrested and taken to court, where they initially denied all the charges but later admitted to the offences.

Blades was sentenced to four and a half years in a Young Offenders’ Institution, while Gaines and Canning got five.
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