The chilling details of how Mbuso Mandela allegedly raped teen girl

These are blow by blow details of how Nelson Mandela's grandson, Mbuso Mandela, allegedly raped a 15year old girl as contained in a police statement signed by Lieutenant Dithoso Mmako of Hillbrow police's investigating unit.
"The victim, a minor female, was in the company of two friends, also minors, at Mamas Restaurant in Greenside,Johannesburg, where. they attended an arranged event," the statement reads. One of whom introduced himself to the victim as 'Mbuso Mandela'. After a conversation of about five minutes, the three males asked the three females to go with them to another place, but they declined.

As the males persisted to convince the girls to go with them, the victim called the host, who came and told the males that the three girls will not go with them. After the girls moved inside the premises, the boys later joined them at their table. During a conversation, the accused exchanged cellphone numbers with the victim. The victim and the accused were passing through a dark passage when the accused grabbed the victim and pulled her toward him, telling her to kiss him. But as the victim refused, the accused pushed her against the wall, forcefully kissing her neck and his hand into her pants. The accused allegedly turned the victim around, making her face the wall while he also pulled her pants down. The accused then allegedly tried to penetrate the victim's vagina from behind, while pressing her against the wall, but found it difficult. By then, the victim alleged she was screaming. The accused then allegedly pulled the victim further behind the wall, where he threw her down and got on top of her, where he penetrated her vagina with his penis and had sexual intercourse with her without her consent."
The girls were picked by the victim's mother who dropped them off at her father's house. According to the police, it was there that she told her two friends of what happened back at the restaurant.

Source: Sunday World ZA
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