Party uncovers new case of N400b fraud during GEJ's tenure

                                                           Alhaji Lai Mohammed
The All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused former President Goodluck Jonathan's administration of fraud, amounting to N440bn.

According to reports, the APC National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed in a statement said that the party has uncovered new cases of looting.

The new cases include:

1. $2.2bn (about N440bn) arms scandal.

2. $6.9m fraud by the Chief Security Officer to President Jonathan, used to purchase three mobile stages for the ex-President’s campaign, and

3. N2.5bn involving the rent of house boats.

An official statement signed by Mohammed obtained from Punch, said ‘’While those charged with handling these cases are finalising the details of bringing the suspects to justice, our immediate concern is the attempt by the PDP, under whose umbrella the looting took place, to blame the Buhari administration for the mess and then infer that things have been worse in Nigeria in the past three months under the APC-led Federal Government than in the 16 years under the PDP. This is totally provocative, shameless and uncharitable."

Adding that “They say we are yet to fulfil our campaign promises to Nigeria, but they have forgotten that if only the PDP/Jonathan administration had not stolen Nigeria blind, there would have been more than enough money to give school children in Nigeria, not just one but three meals a day and even pay N5, 000 to N50m to most vulnerable Nigerians, not just the N25m we promised in our manifesto."

“It is clear to all Nigerians that the debilitating impact of 16 years of the PDP’s misrule cannot be reversed in just three months,” the statement said.
Party uncovers new case of N400b fraud during GEJ's tenure Party uncovers new case of N400b fraud during GEJ's tenure Reviewed by Vita Ioanes on Monday, August 31, 2015 Rating: 5

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