6 keys to a lasting romance

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No relationship can be perfect, but you can have a successful and lasting relationship the key is to recognise all the elements that exit at the heart of a happy couple to spell out success for your future together.

The following six signs will help you establish a perfect relationship.

 Do not be afraid of argument: Relationship cannot be built if there is no mutual trust the only way to solve any problem is to approach it honestly and truthfully and find a way out.

Closeness outside the bedroom is far more essential: getting close in the bedroom is important but investing time in getting to know the partner like Find out what their dreams, goals and expectations will improve your relationship.

Forgive and forget the mistakes: encourage your partner by telling them how much you need and love them, Treasure every positive moment and appreciate what you have.

Hug your partner more often:  Do something nice be more generous and less selfish bring little gifts and always express your feelings.

Be ready to compromise: be ready to listen to your partner, be active in creating and maintaining your relationship. Work as a team and respect each other.

Remember to have fun: Let your day be as joyful and full of humour as possible. Fool around, play a game, spend some time doing your favourite activities together.
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