5 things women NEVER tell their men

                                                           The most dangerous day in a woman’s life
Okay, we know the most common one: most women lie about the “O” word. But there are other things besides that the modern woman lies about. Very often!

THEIR first gig

For most adult women, the first sexual experience is unforgettable and probably the best ever. Even if they have not kept in touch with their first man, they remember him with fondness if he did not leave them pregnant and stranded with a baby.

But will they ever tell their man this? Never.

Studies show the average woman lies about the age at which she was disvirgined, adding anything between 2 and 10 years to the age. For instance, if a woman got disvirgined at 14, she is likely to put the figure at 20 to her current man. Men, on the other hand, openly boast about their earlier sexual conquests.

That they check out other men

A man might be so close to the girl in his life that he would point out other women’s body parts that he finds attractive and everybody would have a good laugh. On the other hand, a woman would never do that. If she thinks the guy next door has a cute ass, she never, ever mentions it to the man in her life. Not only would she not mention it, she would never ever even make the blunder of oogling the attractive derriere when their man is around. Studies show women make lewd jokes about other men when they are with girlfriends just as much as men do, and they even fantasie but are great about hiding it.

That she hates cooking

A few years down the line, many relationships run into crisis on this account- many many women just do not like to cook.

In our part of the world, girls are raised not only to learn how to cook but to happily cook for other people for the rest of their lives, three times a day. If they cannot live up to that ‘simple’ responsibility, they are complete failures, especially in relationships.

Women are therefore happy to pretend to be kitchen genies at the beginning of relationships and would never admit to not just absolutely loving cooking. Rather, they prefer to give their man the impression that they live just to feed him as many times as possible in a day. Unfortunately, that impression is bound to waste when she insists of going out for dinner every so often when the relationship is established.

She feels insulted when he gives her money

Of course nothing makes your man feel grander than knowing he has met his woman’s need and probably even exceeded her expectations, especially if he had to bend over backwards to do it. Studies show the average woman is actually disappointed almost every time their man gives them a gift, especially when it is money.

Truth is, today’s working women have developed very sophisticated tastes that their men can barely keep up with, and they are ready to work very hard when it’s necessary to do so. But would a woman ever complain her man has not even scratched the surface when he gives her cash? Never.

She does not trust him

For all her freedoms and liberation, a woman is far less likely than a man to voice her insecurities in a relationship that the other way round.

She has watched her mother look the other way more often than not. She has heard her aunt tell her uncountable times of how it’s a man’s world. She has been called names just for showing a flash of jealousy and she has been told by the census that there are more women than men.

Her girlfriends are telling her to be wise and hold on to her straying man and so while he snoops and snoops and finds nothing, she makes minimal efforts and finds everything but does she ever mention it? Never.

The reason that hot new househelp gets a shaven head and the girlfriend is told jokingly to do her top buttons up is not because she does not trust her girlfriend or the maid but because she certainly does not trust her man.

Her man might ask the question a dozen times- “honey, do you trust me?” and her answer would be a big fat lying “Yes”
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