Shocking: Father eats new born baby alive

Cannibal vampire
A possessed man in Papua New Guinea, has been charged before a magistrate for allegedly eating his one-week-old baby alive and drinking her blood in public, reports Post Courier.

The incident which happened in the town of Tabubil, Western Province in the country, threw shock wave around the city as people watched the man said to be bewitched, munched the new baby in the public square.

The gory cannibal scene was later demonstrated yet again at a police station in the presence of shocked onlookers, including policemen and the town’s senior district court magistrate, Patrick Monouluk.

Eye witnesses say the crazed man had earlier strangled his wife and collected the baby from her before eating her by biting her neck, eating her flesh and drinking her blood.

A commentator said:

"This is the talk of the day on the streets here. All parent are fearing for the safety of their children because cannibals are on the loose here.

Believe it or not I saw him eating the baby by piercing its body with his teeth while blood spilled from his mouth. Everybody watched him with fear.”

Another person had this to say about the country:

"Papua New Guinea does have a past cannibalistic culture. But mostly they ate people that had already died of natural causes.

However this practice caused many people to die of a prion transmitted disease spongiform encephalopathy, locally known as Kuru, similar to mad cow disease, but only found in humans."
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