Okowa: A Pragmatic Leader at 56

With an unalloyed and total commitment to serving his people spanning over decades through his highly
esteem position of honour and responsibility without blemish, as well as maintaining high record of integrity, and untainted rectitude, the Delta State Governor Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, a trained medical Doctor and astute politician, no doubt, has demonstrated true spirit of leadership to the people of Delta State.

Governor Okowa has contributed its own quota to nation building. From the time he was elected into Ika local government area as a Chairman, Okowa, did not leave any one in doubt that he was ready for the challenges of a statesman. With an amazing humble disposition, Okowa, served in the Chief James Onanefe Ibori’s government as the Honourable Commissioner for Health. Because of his strong passion for helping people, Okowa, unknowingly, warmed his way into the heart and the consciousness of the people due to his all embracing and pragmatic leadership approach.

He built strong bond and bridges of friendship across the ethnic divides which culminated in the strong support he got from the Urhobo people and other ethnic group in the race to succeed governor Ibori at the twilight of his government. Of course, we all knew what happened at Ogwashi-Uku, when delegates threw away tribal sentiments to support the Ekweme of the universe. But the leadership of that time had made up their minds and so it was that he was to wait for another day. The rest as they say is now history.

The Okowas at home

Again, it was the element of humility in him that compelled him to serve as the Secretary to the Delta State government under the regime of Dr Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, a professional colleague and the man many believed he defeated at the Ogwachi-uku primary.

As the Secretary to the Delta State government Okowa was selfless in his service to fatherland. His commitment to service blended with strong passion for result and unenviable humility further endeared Okowa to Deltans and cemented his place in history. After serving one full tenure with Uduaghan as SSG where he distinguished himself Governor Okowa felt the need to taste action at the federal level, this time not at his usual terrain of executive service but at the national assembly as a policy maker. And so Okowa turned his energy and administrative sagacity into making important laws for the people of Nigeria at the Senate.

Governor Okowa is a man of principle. His integrity, he will not compromise for anything.

He has said, he will fight corruption, the cankerworm that has eaten deep the fabric of our nation and destroyed its root for growth. We know he will do this with professional excellent and operational efficiency. He will show leadership when it is required but will not neglect his oath of office and betrayed the confidence of the people of Delta State that he has sworn to serve. Okowa is a man of the people, deeply love by many. His fan base cut across ethnic divide.

This was evidence in the 2015 gubernatorial election in Delta State, where despite the fielding of very strong Urhobo candidates, a segment of Urhobo political elite said never again as they turned their votes to support those of Aniomas, Ikas, Ijaws, Isokos, Ndokwas, and host of other ethnic group to give Okowa, a deserving victory both at the primary and the general election. And since his election and subsequent swearing in, Okowa, has never disappointed in character and official conduct. His policy trust reflected the passion of the man for ethical altruism. His appointments into key executive office were perfect and that has eroded the fear of domination and oppression entertained by the other ethnic groups in the state.

Governor Okowa will surely leave an indelible imprint when he would leave office after serving his two terms of 4 years each. The power, purpose, focus, drive and speed with which the governor conduct his official duties is a reflection of a character ready to do all he can at meeting the huge expectation of Deltans. Of course, what do we expect from a governor divinely call to service? It is progress and the rapid development of the state. But we must realise that the governor cannot do it alone. We all must be involved in the course of growing the Delta economy, promote our cultural identity, sacrifice for the state and support the governor at all time.

Our amiable governor does not need distraction. He needs one hundred percent concentration and Deltans should be ready to give this support. As we gather from different work of life to celebrate our iconic political leader and the father of our state at 56, it is my fervent prayer that God in his infinite mercy will continue to shower his blessing on our dear governor. God will give our leader the wisdom of Solomon to lead the state .In my humble disposition I say happy birthday and many happy returns to our amiable governor, political leader and oga wen sabi. I also want to use this opportunity to appreciate our dear mother Chief (Mrs.) Edith Okowa who stood behind our political leader like a solid rock doing all the prayers behind and lending all the psychological support to motivate our oga to the top.
Okwagbe is the Esama of Ukpedi Kingdom and a chieftain of the PDP in Delta State.
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