Americannah Rice: Native Jollof Rice Recipe

Americannah (Native jollof rice)
It’s quite ironical that this is a native recipe and has the name ‘Americannah’ but as shown in title, it’s a
question-and-answer title, i.e, Q: do you want American? A: nah!

There is something about native jollof rice that I just cannot explain, you just want it sometimes. At least I do. It’s actually more sumptuous, spicy (as you can ‘jazz’ it up with almost every kind of seafood possible) and even more appealing to the sight. So, here’s SuperChiz’ Native Jollof Rice recipe!

Serving: 3

prep time: 20mins

Cook time: 35mins


Native rice or Ofada 5cups

Palm oil ½ bottle

Smoked fish 3wholes (or meat, depending on choice)

Dried fish (pieced)

Prawn 1cup

Red pepper (chopped)


Crayfish (ground)

Pepper (ground)

Jollof rice spice


    Start by preparing your ingredients – pick the rice of stones and dirt, you may like your prawns chopped but definitely remove the sharp antennas, clean up the middle of your smoked fish if you didn’t smoke it yourself, chop your red pepper and get your dried fish ready.
    Parboil rice and leave in a sieve
    Put some water in the pot (enough for the rice to get done), add oil moderately, season the water with your jollof rice spice, do not also forget your salt, crayfish and pepper, and then leave to boil for about 10mins. (Let me mention that your spice could come already-made in a spice jar or you could select individual spices that appeal to you. I prefer the later.)
    Taste the water to be sure its fine and then add the rice. Pour in all your garnishing on top – dried fish, red pepper and prawns, in this case and leave to cook.
    When done, microwave your smoked fish and serve!
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