"Agents of the devil lured me into armed robbery" - Suspect

According to the Delta State Police Command, 28-year-old Joseph Okolie, is a notorious armed robber and car snatcher who has been a thorn in the flesh of residents of Asaba, the state capital and other neighbouring communities like Warri, Onitsha, Benin City and Port Harcourt, while holding sway as a crime kingpin.

But the young man has identified agents of the devil as the brain behind his predicament, saying he was lured into a life of crime by the devil and his angels.

“I was lured into armed robbery by bad friends. In fact, these friends are agents of the devil. So, I can correctly say that the devil initiated me into armed robbery. This very robbery, I never participated in it. I only gave information on the woman (the victim) while others who are smarter than me, now at large, did the robbery.

I was in a terrible situation, so I went to my friends for help but none of them could help, instead they asked me to join them in what they do and use my sense and hands to get the financial help I was asking for.

Having no other option for financial assistance, they introduced me to armed robbery, particularly snatching of cars.

Being a first timer, I refused to follow them to the action ground. So, they put me in their intelligence gathering unit and that was how I gave them information on the victim, who stays in the same area with me in Warri, Delta State.

After I gave the information, I went my way while they carried out the operation. They targeted the victim as she was going out because I had given them detailed information about her.

So, they trailed her, blocked her at gun point and robbed her of her Lexus Jeep RX 350, but I don’t know how they got the plasma television sets in the car.

After they snatched the car, they called me and said that they had done their own side of the job and that the remaining job was to drive the car to Lagos, Benin or Onitsha where they intended to sell it.

Having it in mind to raise some money from the sale of the stolen car, and in serious financial captivity, I obliged and agreed to drive the car to where they asked me to take the car to, then I was arrested."
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