Two-party state good for Nigeria – Aliyu

The Governor of Niger State, Babangida Aliyu, on Saturday said a one party system in the country will not do Nigerians any good as far as the future of the country is concerned.

Aliyu  made this known in Minna during the accreditation exercise for the Governorship and House of Assembly election in Niger state.
The governor said, “We don’t want a one party state in the country, we want credible and health competition at least between the two major political parties.
“We must do everything possible to sustain the Peoples Democratic Party so that democracy will be entrenched properly.
“If you recall when the All Progressives Congress came together, I was the first person to say that that was good for Nigeria’s democracy because it will put the PDP on its toes, not only putting it on its toes, but will cause it to reorganise.
“We have to reorganise to make sure that there is a credible opposition at the centre and with what is on the table, Nigeria will realise the need to have two parties going together side by side.”
The governor added, “In this election, believe me, you can see by the number of people coming out. Like I said last time, it was a kind of mobilisation that was done as a result of issues of Boko-Haram, economy and competence and I think Nigerians have made their point in the last elections.
Aliyu however believed that the PDP, at the end of the day, would make it at the state level.
“In this local election, people can be assessed by what they are capable of doing and what they will do in the future and based on that, they cast their votes accordingly,” he said.

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