Nurses Bring sick 85 year oldvoter to the polling unit

Ailing 85-year-old Dr. Adebisi Sebanjo, caused a stir on Saturday after he arrived at the polling unit at Doula, Apapa, Lagos State.

The octogenarian medical director of Julisam Hospital was assisted by two young female nurses wearing blue uniforms.
Adebisi is the father of the Senior Special Adviser on Poverty Alleviation to Governor Babatunde Fashola, Idowu Sebanjo.
The aged doctor could not speak with our correspondent. The nurses said he “has little or no strength to talk.’’
But he was not the only aged person who came out to vote on Saturday.
Many other old people turned out to cast their votes for candidates of their choice despite many challenges the exercises posed.
Those who spoke said they came out to ensure that the country remained united and to set good example to the younger generation.
According to 89-year-old Dr. Abimbola Silva ─ mother of Nollywood actress, Joke Silva ─ voting was her fundamental right.
Silva, who was in a wheelchair, said, “It is my right to vote. By doing this I am laying a good example for the younger generation. The exercise has been ok,” she said.
Another aged voter, Mr. Oyedele Oyelade, 78, expressed delight at being able to cast his vote despite waiting till about 4pm to be accredited.
The duo of Musa Mohammed and Ibrahim Alilu, aged 75 and 80 respectively, said that they wanted the country to get better.
Also at the Doula polling unit to vote was Mr. Adamu Zaria, a blind 65-year-old man.
“Though I am blind, I know who I want to vote for. I am a Nigerian. I have hope that Nigeria will become better,” he said.

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